Saturday, March 17, 2007

Will India Win World Cup 2007 : Read this n then comment

This is absolutely great. This will just be true .

Trivia - 1

Year 1981

1. Prince Charles got married

2. Liverpool crowned Champions of Europe

3. Australia lost the Ashes

4.Pope Died
2 years later India won the world Cup!!!

Year 2005

1. Prince Charles got married

2. Liverpool crowned Champions of Europe

3. Australia lost the Ashes

4.Pope Died

2 years later will India win the world Cup???? .........

Trivia -2

1982 Football World Cup won by Italy

1983 Cricket World Cup won by India

2006 Football World Cup won by Italy

2007 Cricket World Cup: INDIA ???

So, make your comments now...

Monday, March 12, 2007


Guyz don't u feel like cheering up INDIA... i know u definitely do...
These are few images of celebrating moments of India Cricket Team to Cheer Them Up..


Can India Win World Cup 2007 ?

NEW DELHI: India's current cricket team is far better than the one that won the World Cup in 1983, said former skipper Kapil Dev in a newspaper interview published Monday.

"The players are much more experienced," The Times Of India quoted Dev as saying.

But India's chances of lifting the title depend on the team's performance in preliminary matches, he said.

No one expected India to beat the West Indies in the World Cup final in 1983 in England, said Dev, who captained the winning squad.

"We put in our best, reached the final and were victorious," he said.

Members of the 2007 team believe they can win, Dev said. "They are confident. They just have to apply themselves."


What do u ppl say about it ? ? comment...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cricket World Cup 2007 Opening Ceremony Images

West Indies legend Sir Garfield Sobers officially declared the 2007 Cricket World Cup open early on Monday morning (IST) at the Trelawny Stadium, Jamaica.

Indian viewers, however, were not been able to see the glittering three-hour-long event live on television. The deferred telecast will be shown later in the day.

The ceremony featured over 2,000 singers, dancers and other performers who had been rehearsing for three months. The theme was 'West Indian Energy', and it showcased the rich cultural heritage of the region.

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Cricket World Cup TROPHY DAMAGED

THE CRICKET WORLD CUP (CWC) trophy, which was being kept on display in India ahead of the tournament's start this weekend, has been damaged.

A part of the US$80 000 silverware inadvertently became undone while being transported for use in a promotional campaign by one of CWC's major sponsors, LG Electronics.

"The lower gold ring of the trophy was detached from the wooden base when the trophy was received," a statement from LG said.

"The ICC (International Cricket Council) policy does not allow anyone except the official trophy makers to repair, or polish the trophy."

The trophy, which will be presented to the winners of the showpiece event in the Caribbean, has been sent to ICC's base in Dubai before it is flown to London to be repaired. (CMC)


cheer up your TEAMS n PLAYERS

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 has almost started. So thought making a post which will be used as a thread of forum.

Here the supporters and fans will cheer up their TEAMS n PLAYERS.... simply by commenting

Comment can be of anykind, i mean compliment, comment, joke, etc. etc.

As I am Indian my support for india...

Brian Lara Wallpaper

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brian lara, wallpapers

Top Ten Bowlers of Cricket World Cup

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top bowlers world cup, cricket top ten bowlers

Top Ten Batsman of Cricket World Cup

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world cup 2007, top ten batsman