Saturday, March 24, 2007

Who is Responsible for India's Defeat in 2 out 3 matches in World Cup 2007

Now as the Indians have lost 2 out of 3 matches in World Cup, lot of myths have been put forward supporting the reasons for Indians defeat. But tell me wat do u think... who is responsible for India's defeat..
  • Is it our GURU GREG CHAPPEL,
  • or Rahul Dravid's Captaincy
  • Poor Bowling or batting or fielding...
  • or any individual player.
  • N wat wud u say about the selectors.. Was the selection of players okay..

I also heard in news people blaming the advertisers for such poor performance. They are of the opinion dat sponsors pay big sum to the players who get distracted from the sports... Do u support this...

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India Almost Out of World Cup 2007

So, India's World Cup 2007 journey comes to an end after the crushig defeat by 69 runs against Sri Lanka on 23rd Feb. The thing was totally unexpected by the Indian fans and even the players. Before the match Rahul Dravid was asked what would happen to India if they lost. He answered that they were not even thinking of the possibility. Now he needs to think about it. Many others will also need to look for some answers.

In the last World Cup too India started off badly but made a good come back after the criticisms. Once again India started badly in the first match of the World Cup 2007 and was defeated by Bangladesh, one of the most weakest teams. After the defeat the team had to face a lot of criticism and the houses of the cricketers were attacked across the country.

But, finally the team made an excellent come-back and made the highest score of 413 in the World Cup history. So people were expecting the same from the Indians like the last time but India lost their very crucial match making an early exit from the World Cup. But the hopes are still alive and Indians are praying for an unlikely defeat for Bangladesh in Sunday's final group game against Bermuda. But with the way Bangladesh has been performing of late, it seems Team India should already be packing their bags.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cricket Crazy Ad Nike From India

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