Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rajashthan Royal's Beats the Deccan Chargers

Who would have thought that Rajasthan Royal's will chase the target of 215 runs set by the Deccan Chargers. But the Royal's played like real royals and amazed everyone with their win.

Initially I thought it impossible for the Royal's to chase 215 runs but they were right on top from the begining. Things were looking very much under control till the 17th over and around 30 runs was required in 3 overs. But Afridi's 18th over turned the match as he got out both the set batsman Md. Kaif and Smith. With 24 runs in 2 overs it still looked anybody's game but the R P Singh bowled brilliantly and took a wicket giving just 6 runs. The match seemed to have slipped out of the hands of the Royals with 18runs to be scored in the last over. But thanks to Shane Warne who took charge of Symonds and with a boundary and couple of sixes achieved a remarkable victory over the Deccan Chargers.

I haven't written much about IPL in this blog, but match like this has compelled me to do so. This was perhaps the best match of IPL so far with some records like fastest century by Symonds in 48 balls, fastest hundred by Rajasthan Royals in 51 balls and 2nd highest run chase in the 20-20 format game.

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