Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ganguly's Interview on His Retirement

Having retired from international cricket, Sourav Ganguly will surely miss sharing the dressing room with his team-mates. So what does life hold for him after retirement? CNN-IBN caught up with him at his home in Kolkata for an exclusive interview.

CNN-IBN: It must be a fantastic feeling for you. When you left the Indian dressing room it was a happy dressing room, a victorious dressing room.

Sourav Ganguly: Oh yes, of course. When I announced my retirement, I hoped that it would finish this way. I finished with a smiling face on everyone.

I couldn't have expected more than this, beating the best team in the world 2-0 convincingly, in India, and performing so well, not just me but everyone. We finished (the series) with a lot of high. I couldn't have expected more than this.

CNN-IBN: You have got a T-shirt signed by the entire team and Sachin Tendulkar again failed to write correct Bengali on it.

Sourav Ganguly: Yes, it was pretty emotional, touching. I didn't even know about it. I had gone to do an interview so my wife took the shirt out from my bag and quietly asked all the boys to sign it. It was a nice gesture from her. It was the first time I found her so interested in the game.
They are a fantastic bunch of boys. You hear a lot of things when things don't go well, but unless and until you actually be in the dressing room you don't know what it's all about. So it's been a fantastic journey.

CNN-IBN: Sourav, how are you as a Dad? Are you a strict father?

Sourav Ganguly: No, not really.

Dona Ganguly: He has his times. There are times he becomes strict and says 'I should discipline my daughter'. But at times he is so liberal, but that's during the times when he used to come back from tours. But when he would stay for a longer time he felt like he should discipline.

Sourav Ganguly: With me she (his daughter) can get away with everything.


Haiku Poems said...

Ganguly could play more but I think his decision was right for him!
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Sarita said...

Ganguly was best captain after Kapil Dev. Ganguly achieved some great achievements during his long cricket carrier. He said good bye with great smile.

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