Sunday, January 6, 2008

Deepika Padukone Spends Time With Yuvraj Singh in Sydney

Deepika Padukone is expected to spend a month in Australia for the shooting of her Yash Raj film. But the actress left Mumbai two days before the start of her shooting schedule (which will begin on January 7).

Any guesses why ??? Well I find only two reasons and one man behind this and that's Yuvraj Singh.

1. To cheer Yuvraj Singh for the ongoing Test match
2. To spend her 22nd which was on 5th January with him.

Deepika and Yuvraj have been linked up by the media on numerous occasions, though the couple have always mainatined that they are 'good friends.'

However, a friend of the Padukones said,
Deepika is in Australia in her own capacity and the India-Australia Test match just happens to be taking place around the same time. But one thing is sure — Yuvraj and Deepika are dating each other.
Meanwhile, a source close to the Singh family told TOI on Friday,
The two are very close to each other. In two years' time, if things go well, marriage could be on the cards. But right now, both of them are focused on their respective professions.
Here is one pic from Times of India where both were spotted in a restaurant in Sydney on 4th Jan.

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