Monday, January 7, 2008

India Suspends Cricket tour of Australia Pending Harbhajan Appeal

Indian cricket supporters burn photos of Australian Test series umpires in protest at the suspension of star spinner Harbhajan Singh who was found guilty of racial abuse. Picture: AFP

Harbhajan was suspended on Sunday by the International Cricket Council for three tests after being found guilty of racially abusing Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds during the second Test in Sydney.

He denied the charge and India threatened to go home unless Harbhajan's three-match suspension was over-turned.

The BCCI said in a statement released today

``The Board will appeal to the International Cricket Council to review the decision of the Match Referee and suspend its operation till the appeal is disposed of. The Indian Board realises the game of cricket is paramount but so too is the honour of the Indian team and for that matter every Indian. To vindicate its position, the Board will fight the blatantly false and unfair slur on an Indian player.''
India faces a $2 million fine from the International Cricket Council if it boycotts the tour.

The wealthy Indian cricket board (BCCI) could also be liable to reimburse Cricket Australia for millions of dollars in losses.

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